Brand Protection Solutions

Defendox can help protect your content from online piracy just as effectively as the world's largest record companies.

Protecting your brand and products has become and everlasting struggle in today’s era of technological advancement.

It seems as if piracy and counterfeiting have become so easy to pull off and so undetectable at the same time that those who own the rights don’t even know where to start looking when trying to protect their brand against copycats.

The billions of dollars which are lost due to the piracy of brands and products is a result of mismanagement and an inability to detect such activity without the detection being extremely time-consuming.

This is why a service which provides constant monitoring of this process and has access to an enormous database is needed. Not only is the monitoring of pirated content needed, but also a helping hand in removing that piracy also needed.

That’s where we come in. Try our services today with our free trial, we guarantee that you will get the best end of the deal without having to lift even a finger.