eBook and Publishing anti-piracy solutions

Defendox can help protect your content from online piracy just as effectively as the world's largest record companies.

With books becoming rampant, it is obviously going to be hard to keep track of when one of your books has a pirated version released on the Internet.

This act of piracy is the reason behind how an author’s profits go down the drain. One simple way to help the process of keeping a check on pirated content is by using our anti-piracy alerts. They will help you determine when and where your content has been pirated.

It is important to have an alert system which provides thorough 24-hour service and has a database that is incomparable with others.

Our services not only provide you with constant monitoring of your registered content, but we also help remove any detected pirated content (with more than 97% of pirated content removed by us from the beginning of our services).

You can sign up now and enjoy the ease with which we provide our services so you can take action against an act of piracy.

Our browser based Anti-Piracy Dashboard is a simple and effective real-time platform which automatically discovers, validates and removes infringing links and search results from billions of pages online.

Our new alerts service, specifically catered to pre-releases, enables you to get piracy information in real-time.

  • Search by book title, or by entire author catalogue
  • 24/7 searching for your content
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Signup and setup within minutes
  • No long term contracts
  • Fully automated takedowns for verified content
  • Human verification process
  • Add Whitelist links for the legal websites
  • Cyberlockers, P2P torrent and unlicensed book store sites supported, e.g. scribd, mobilism.org
  • Google takedown system to pushing legal download options to the top
  • Add additional links at any time
  • Fully transparent system, with one click to view hosting sites and source sites
  • 24/7 monitoring of removed content to ensure it stays removed